“We should be good and do good. This house is also for good as it will serve and bring future for the children” – with these words of the pastor the first house of future “Retreat Centre & Guest House” was inaugurated! We are so happy and grateful, that there are no enough words to say thank you for all of you who make us believe and helped us to make it happen! Thank you Devi Sehar and Sehar Samiappan, Heike Yamuna Kiefer and Yogeshwar, Line Polifke and Lucus! This is a very special and a very big step forward for us! Thank you so much!!! Also thank you for everyone who came and was with us during this special day!

See more pictures of the opening on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WIDE-Childrens-Home-156681021080401/


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