Anapana Meditation course

This Sunday our boys (10-16 years old) attended Anapana Meditation course in Vipassana Meditation center “Dhamma Arunachala”, which was organized by our friend and volunteer Toma. Boys enjoyed the course very much and got back inspired to practice it in their daily life – we will try to help them to maintain their practice. We are planning to organize the same course for the girls as well soon.


Weekend activities for children

On Saturday we had a volunteer, Noa Possek, with us for one day. Noa Possek is a teacher from Israel and she has skills working with children. Activities were based on games that are not only very enganing but also help children to practice listening each other skills. Children were happy to learn new games as well. Thank you, dear Noa, for sharing time with us and creating fun learning environment for our children!

Curiosity: regular mobile library

Regenboog India Foundation provide us with mobile library for the last few years and every 2 weeks library van regularly comes to our home to provide our children with books. What we really like about this mobile library is that they give a big variety of books (more than 29 topics starting from fairy tales for smallest ones to books of history and geography for grown-ups), so each child can find something according to his interest. The van is modern, colorful and full of lights so it’s even more fun to wait for the library to come!

We are very grateful to have this opportunity for our children as we see their growing curiosity in discovering new stories and deepening their knowledge in the fields they find interesting. Also it helps to develop their responsibility to take care of the books they take for themselves and to give back them on time.

Priya attends permaculture workshop, February 12-14, 2016

We are very happy to share, that Priya just got back from 3 days workshop “Introduction to Permaculture” at Windarra Farm / TerraSoul Community, Auroville, with Martin Bastide! This workshop was a great possibility to get skills and knowledge how to create permaculture garden, to learn about soil fertility management, how to make raised beds and etc. Her skills and knowledge will be a great support for further development of our “Organic farm” project, which she is responsible for! Thank you, our beloved friend Ali, for supporting Priya’s opportunity to attend the course! We promise you red and yummy tomatoes from our organic garden!

Puja for the first house in future Retreat Centre

“We should be good and do good. This house is also for good as it will serve and bring future for the children” – with these words of the pastor the first house of future “Retreat Centre & Guest House” was inaugurated! We are so happy and grateful, that there are no enough words to say thank you for all of you who make us believe and helped us to make it happen! Thank you Devi Sehar and Sehar Samiappan, Heike Yamuna Kiefer and Yogeshwar, Line Polifke and Lucus! This is a very special and a very big step forward for us! Thank you so much!!! Also thank you for everyone who came and was with us during this special day!

See more pictures of the opening on our Facebook page:


Thank you, Partager Grandir!

Dear our beloved friends of Partager Grandir! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for encouraging us and helping us – with your sincere care for our daily needs and continuous support we are able grow stronger, smarter and happier every day! Thaaaank youuuuu!!! Sending you all our love and smiles!

We’ve made several pictures for you, couldn’t decide which one is the one so sending them all! smile emoticon And small video from the photo-shooting to feel our energy and happy vibes from our future organic farm:

P.S. Partager Grandir is our regular supporter since 2012. To know more about them, visit our website:

Anneke visit!

Thank you, Anneke, for visiting us again and bringing lots of warmth to our hearts, we had a wonderful time with you today! Anneke Bouman is our well-wisher and a friend of our foundation – WIDE Support Netherlands, so it is always special when she comes to visit us. Children were happy to show part of our New Year’s event program for her, we all had lots of fun! Sending you our love and blessings, wishing to see you back soon!