Exam results!

We are proud of our children – Parasu, Divakar, Venkatesh and Villu – who successfully finished their 10th standard exams! Venkatesh scored highest (422/500) among all of them and made the best result of WIDE Children’s Home since 2003! Wohoo! This year we have three10th standard students in our family – Subala, Arunachalam and Suresh. This year we except Subala to “beat” Venkatesh on exams, let’s see:)

School starts!

Summer is over and new school year just begun! We are very proud that all our children successfully finished their exams and were promoted for higher standards. This year for the first time as WIDE Children’s Home exists we have 12th (the last) standard students in our family – our first child Durga, Pratap and Shivaraman!!!

All children are ready for new school adventures, packed with smiles, curiosity and eagerness to learn. Blessings and good luck for all of them on this journey!


Thank you, Arnaud and Fabrice!

Arnaud and Fabrice stayed with us only two weeks (March, 2015), but they help a lot with our projects. Arnaud is an architect so he prepared detailed plan for our organic farm project and instructions how to prepare our farm according to permaculture principles. Fabrice helped to renovate the rooms: repainted the doors, decorated walls and etc. So hardworking, dedicated hearts! Thank you very much for your significant help from the bottom of our hearts! ❤


Hand in Hand India visit

Today we had inspectors from “Hand in Hand India” who, collaborating with government, investigated how we follow the norms for child care. They gave us guidelines according to new norms set by the government: we have to make a shelter for our open kitchen, to arrange web-cameras for the girls’ and boys’ houses, to hire watchmen and to hire caretaker for the girls. It’s good to know recommendations, we will do our best to meet the norms!