There are many ways you can get involved! 

Sponsorship Plans

Give what you can and make a difference. Here in India every penny goes along way and we’ve made becoming a sponsor simpler than ever. Have a look at how you can make a difference today – 

  • Sponsor a Child – receive regular updates and interactions with your child including progress reports, pictures and a greetings card!

  • Become a WorldWIDE sponsor – become a valuable part of our core development team benefiting from regular updates and life changing rewards!

  • Support a WIDE Project – keep up to date with the progress of our new building; you will even be invited to the opening!


Sponsor A Child

It costs just Rs 2,430 (£30) a month to cover all the basic needs of one of our children.

Here is a detailed look at just how far your money goes – WIDE Expenses 2017/18

Choose from one of the following 3 options – 


1 Child/1 Month

A one off payment to support one of the WIDE children for a whole month!


1 Child/6 Months

A one off payment to cover a WIDE Child’s expenses for 6 months! You will receive; a thank you picture and regular updates from your child!



1 Child/12 Months

A one-off payment which will ensure one of the WIDE children’s expenses is covered for a whole year. You will receive; a personalised thank you picture from your child, regular updates including school reports & a greetings card!


Please Note: every penny you donate goes straight to WIDE Children’s Home. We operate an open book policy;  our sponsors can contact us and view our spending at any time.

Registered Charity No: 55/2004


WorldWIDE Sponsorship


Without our friends from around the world we would not be here today. From building the home, supporting the costs and regular volunteering we are so privilege to have a team that is WorldWIDE! 


How can I become a WorldWIDE supporter?

“We are currently under immense pressures from the government to build a new home for the girls. With time running out, we are desperate to get plans under wayas soon as possible. Any help in the following areas would be welcomed with open arms” – Mummy Xavier