WIDE Children’s Home was founded in 2003 by Kumari Xavier.

When Kumari was 6 years old her father sadly passed away. Her mother had no choice but to send her and her sister to a children’s home to ensure that they would have an education and the support they needed to lead a normal life.


She spent 18 years here at the orphanage and went on to do great things. The carers provided Kumari with many things including food, clothes and memories but one thing they didn’t give her was love.

Before passing away, Kumari’s mother reminded her that the world is a beautiful place and it was time for Kumari to look after the children who needed it, just like she was looked after when she was a young girl.

Kumari would make it her mission to provide a home for children to provide everything including LOVE.


The family then moved from Mumbai to Tiruvannamalai to help the children as per her mothers wishes.

Kumari didn’t have to look too far to find children that needed a home,  she worked hard to create a safe and loving place for these children and over the past 15 years she has loved over 300 children.


There have been many achievements at WIDE Children’s Home, we have seen all children excelling in their studies at school with 3 of the older children, Durga, Sivram and Prathap completing a BA in Tamil, BSC in Maths and an ITI in Civil Engineering all funded and supported by you!

The children enjoy lots of free time, they all go to school during the day and in the afternoons when they come home Kumari and her daughter Priya MBA and now accquiring her MSW is help with their homework before playing games and doing activities with help from the volunteers.

In 2014 the Indian government brought in new measures for children’s homes stating that state all children over the age of 10 much live in separate quarters according to their gender. This has caused a huge problem for Kumari and has been working tirelessly to accommodate these new rules.

They have rented land across from their current home but the lease is running out. Plans have been drawn up to build in their new land and all we need now is financial support to avoid being shut down and the children being sent to other families, the slums and onto the streets.

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“I have witnessed first hand how important the work is that Kumari and her family do everyday to look after these children. The isn’t just a children’s home, this is a family.  Each child has their own unique personality, their manners are impeccable and they appreciate everything that comes their way. A true credit to Kumari’s love” – Dean McCullough (Volunteer)