This year with the help of our sponsors – WIDE Support Netherlands – we were able to renovate our kitchen, the walls in boys room and re-paint the main house.

Our kitchen didn’t have shelter to protect windows from the water when it is raining and we were not able to cook there during bad weather. The shelter was constructed and kitchen walls were painted again so we are happy to be able to cook again there without dependence on the weather!

The walls in boys room were in need of re-painting. With the help of this foundation we were able to renovate the walls and boys are very happy and proud of their beautiful new room.

5 years have passed from the last time the walls were painted so we were in need to repaint it again as the mold from humidity were destroying the walls and the old paintings were falling down in peace. The house looks nice again and children are happy to have the house fresh and bright again!

Thank you WIDE support Netherlands from the bottom of our hearts!


A huge Thank you to all our contributors!

Your gift of time is priceless!!!!!!!
We never could have asked for a more dedicated group of volunteers…..
Words cannot be expressed how grateful we are and it is pleasure and privilege to work with you
thank you so much for you hard work…



We are so thankful and happy to announce that the Wide Support Netherlands sponsored for the municipal water connection and fixing the leekage of the water tank. On the 22nd of May 2015 the project has successfully been completed and we have sufficient water facility for the children.

Last Summer thats in April, May 2014 we lacked water in the building, it was very tough period for the whole wide family struggling for water.  we thank the Partager Grandir of France who had helped us in buying lorry of water for the daily usage of the children.


Sunday, 21st of December,everyone prepared for a busy day of hard work, fun and celebration at the land of our future organic farm for the motor installation of the borewell.  The day began with the girls preparing a lovely meal for everyone to be carried to the land.  Then everyone entered the bus and off we went.  On the way to the land a quick stop was required for parts needed for the project.  The bus was filled with joy as everyone was so excited and filled with anticipation for what the day ahead held.

Once we arrived at the land everyone took part in unloading the bus with all the day essentials. When the electrician arrived the boys began helping the men prepare to install the motor for the borewell and the girls prepared chicken for the feast.  The younger children played with homemade kites made from recycled news papers and played with bubbles made from small a sample pack of shampoo.  In addition the couple staying and working the land have two small pups, King & Queen, who joined in the fun and celebration.

About the same time lunch was ready and it was time to enjoy the feast it just so happened too that the installation of the motor was also complete.   WOW talk about great timing,  Excitement indeed was in the air. Everyone ate the wonderful feast and rested for a short period.

The day ended with the planting of many trees for the organic farm and then came the joy of watering the newly planted trees from water from the borewell.  Once all the work for the day was complete it was time to pack the bus and head home.  The energy in the bus on the ride home was very different than the ride there.  Going home the children were happy indeed for their day of work, fun and celebration but it was also very quiet as everyone was tired from all the activities of the day!


Sponsored by Ali Najafi from the USA & Mr. Kishore V. Mariwala of Mumbai.  We are so thankful for their sponsorship of this project.  Previously the roof top could only be used a few months during the year because extreme weather conditions did not allow use of the terrace year round.  The roof is now used daily for multiple purposes such as meals, studying and many children’s activities and programs.


I want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of FC 2014 from ANNA RUEBENACH(Germany) And LIVSTAVAS and friends(Sweden). Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to us. Thank you from all of  us.

Picnic 2014:

On the 29th of July 2014, a trip to Sathanur dam which was sponsored by Valbernaert(valli) from france.
All the children had a festival together which was fun and a big joy with different kinds of food, with a preparation of fish fry by priya in open space.

Visit of Natasha……

We all  take the opportunity to express our thankfulness towards Natasha of Holland and the group who has donated a specialized sewing machine from which the children are able to make more creative textiles. Visit of Natasha after gap of 3 years was very exciting for the whole WIDE family. She was so involved,full of love, spent her time by giving presents to make each child happy and smile.


Borewell 🙂

We are so happy in thanking Yogeshwar and Yamuna Sri for their support for our present and future projects.

Wides agricultural piece of land with 31 coconut trees, which has been drying for several years without sufficient water. Finally on january 2014 we were able to make a solution by drilling a bore well, fixing up a motor shed and an electricity connection for pumping the water into the fields and other needs for the upcoming projects on this piece of land.On behalf of the whole Wide family we all are so happy and proud of having this done.



We express our greatest gratitude to partager Gandir of france  to the yearly support of the school bus for its fitness certificate ( FC ). Means the bus has to be repainted and rechecked  with all the mechanical stuff, this has to be done every year. So we are very happy to say that this Association is been supporting us with this every year. Here are pictures of the repainting and well done school bus.





Solar Water Heater Project – COMPLETE!

SolarHeater3 SolarHeater2 SolarHeater1

We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to our friends from the Netherlands for setting up a fully functional water heater! The project has successfully been finished and we are now proud owners of this highly economical device. Erik Bolks rounded everything up on behalf of the WIDE SUPPORT Association, the heater is now part of an entire set of eco-friendly equipment the home can boast of – we have already been supplied with solar cookers (see . Pictures will be coming soon!


Siva Sakthi’s Story

Siva Sakthi (8) was suffering from a serious heart condition, so bad that she needed to get surgery. It was painful to see and we struggled to get her the care she needed, luckily we had the opportunity to get her into a programme run by the government, which made a free operation possible.

The hospital also charged standard fees though (medical expenses and bed charges) and we want to give special thanks to Mr. Markus and Eva from Switzerland, who generously came forward to cover those entirely. It is delightful to see Siva up and playful again, we are very thankful for all the help we got, it is so important for a little girl to be healthy and enjoy life. Below there are some pictures of Kumari visiting our brave little fighter in the hospital.

Whooooooo! A BUS!

- - - 222106_3287322397039_478734867_n 250004_3287319036955_2064736271_n

Super-awesome news! WIDE has a bus now! And we cannot be thankful enough to the sponsors who made this possible:

Chantal Revel
Valerie Bernaert (and all the people who helped with her collection)
Cornelia Plutz
Anna Rübenach
Kirstin Wanner
So many things will be easier for us now! Nobody will have to go to school in the much-too-small rickshaw anymore, which will be a lot safer. And we can finally do excursions with everyone together, a trip to the church is already planned.  The children are all excited and can’t wait for their first ride!
More details concerning the bus:
It’s a second hand beauty which had to get some new paint, now it shines in WIDE’s colours and proudly features our name on top. After the makeover it looks brand new! Balaji, our driver, is still struggling to get the licence for using the bus, and we need to find a way to pay his wages and the taxes for having it, which have increased. So there are still some obstacles in the way of our first drive, but after all the good things that have already happened to us this year, we are confidently looking forward to a much more mobile future!

Helping Hands

Two weeks ago Cornelia, our sponsor for the basic needs of the children, arrived from Germany along with her friends Sandra, Frank, and Marina. They did loads of activities with the children, and they donated lots of toys, clothes, and other useful things, besides financial help. Cornelia did some Yoga classes and Sandra tought the kids how to make shoes, she had brought all the materials required. That’s how the days were not only spent with laughter and fun but also had a very educational touch, leaving the children with a useful skill.
Thank you so much for your love and support everyone!

NANRI ! Thank you so much,everybody!!!

Halfway through 2013 it is time for a thanking round-up of everyone who has helped WIDE so far, time for looking back at all the blessings we received, the prayers directed to our cause and the gifts

 Surprise Surprise!

Yesterday, Jane and Rupesh, a Dutch couple who has been helping us a lot for a long time, came by for a surprise visit! Just last week they had been talking to Kumari on skype, saying they would meet us soon, but nobody knew how soon! The children, who were playing downstairs, were so delighted at this unexpected visit that one could here them shouting and laughing even if one was in the kitchen (upstairs). Jane and Rupesh brought new clothes and some hairbrushes, also sweets and drinks. Posing with new shirts and dresses, having snacks and enjoying yourself with friends of the family – Could Sunday be any better? – Yes! Add that all this came as a surprise, and you’ll understand how the weekend turned into a little festival!

dsc04291 dsc04303 dsc04320 dsc04330-e1315814352502 dsc04331 dsc04334 dsc04337 dsc04342 dsc04346 dsc04347 dsc04350 dsc04351 dsc04358 dsc04359 dsc04361-e1315814288201 dsc04362 (1) dsc04362

Cookie Time!

Sustainable fun with chocolate chip cookies fresh from the solar cooker! The cooker was constructed by students from Delft University, who came here through a project by their university. The children love cookies, and the solar cooker is perfect for making them, providing both the fun of baking and the enjoyment of eating. Yummy!


Tutti Frutti

In Feburary 2010, Natasha from Holland donated enough money to cover the food expences for one entire year, and she is still helping the home. Since then, the children have been enjoying very nutritious food, with milk daily, meat weekly and a lot of different snacks. Below you can see pictures of the children having a little extra portion of fruit which the volunteers who are here right now, – Jenny and Josephine from Germany – paid for. Now there will be fruit every weekend, and the children enjoy oranges, bananas, or apples sometimes even twice a week! As you can see in the pictures, they are very happy about these healthy snacks and they’re a good example of how even small denoations can help.

dsc04272 dsc04275 dsc04276 dsc042821-e1315811423786


Our New Project

On February 13th we had a celebration because the Infinite Earth Foundation sponsored three sewing machines to WIDE Children’s Home. Mica, a representative of the foundation was here to celebrate with us. It was the beginning of the project to teach the children how to sew. They were very excited about this opportunity and also more than happy to hear that Xavier was going to be their teacher.

We celebrated together with our friends Susan from Germany, Chantal from France as well as Eva and Markus from Switzerland.

dsc04976 dsc049771 img_6933

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