According to governmental rules for children’s home in India girls and boys must live in separate houses. That is why from September 2014 we are renting the house for girls in front of the main house of WIDE Children’s Home, but the problem is that house renting is under temporary contract (up to 2016 July).

We have started negotiation with the owner asking him to prolong the contract but it’s not 100% clear the contract will be prolonged so we are in need to find other solution for the girls to live. Read more about the project and how you could contribute:


In order to have our own ecological vegetables and fruits for children and guests in Retreat Centre & Guest House (once it is finished) and to have possibility to educate our children so they could grow up being more conscious about ecology and organic farming, we want to start organic farm. The land for this purpose is just behind the fence of the land for Retreat Centre & Guest House.

This summer we bought first packets of seeds and together with children experimented in organic farming. Children were happy to have first radish and spinach from the farm!

If you are a fan of organic farming and would like to support our idea to help educate our children in organic farm and have healthy nutrition for them, read more about this projects, and help us to make it happen!