Family Bellerose, Canada

Yan Angele Celeste Corail-172Hello to everyone!

We came to the Wide home for 2 weeks in December. Kids were in holiday the first week for Deepam festival, lucky are we to have had more time with them! So many games! These kids are so resourceful, they amazed us every day! Coco and Celeste founded many friends here.

Thanks to Kumari, Xavier and Prya for everything. Thanks to all the kids for showing us so much love!

Corail, Celeste, Angele and Yan



Thank you so much, H!

On the 24th May we were very sorry that our new friend Hrvoje (everyone calls   him “H”) from Croatia had to leave. He just came by spontaneously on the 14th, after having seen one of our posters at the ashram. And as unexpected as he came to us, as full of ideas he was for improving the home! He noticed how much of a challenge it is for newcomers to find WIDE, and promtly made some signposts together with the children, so that now it is easy to find and stay with us. That is only one of the many things he improved, and to tell you everything would simply be too much. (You get a little impression by looking at the pictures below, though :)) The fun we had with him ranged from cooking and drawing to making plans for the future and a possible playground. We can only say thank you so many times, but we truly were delighted by your wonderful stay with us, and happy to welcome a new member to the family. Lots of love from Tiru, and come visit again!

Christina and Andrea, Germany

Shortly before Christina from Germany left us on March 5th to take a trip to Goa and then visit the sights of India, Andrea, also from Germany, arrived on March 1st to join the family for three months. Everybody is happy about the new member of the WIDE family and her support – welcome to three months of singing, running, playing and studying as well as the experience of a whole new world in India! 🙂