Jeni And Robert

We are very happy in spending a Month with Jeni and Robert from UK.They helped us in fixed Mosquito nets for windows, helped in fixing an open kitchen, and cooked some delicious omelet and bread for breakfast.

Great volunteers like you never want anything in return, but are always ready to do great things out of turn. Thanks for volunteering. ❤ ❤

Girls house rent extended

Probably many of you have heard the story that in spring we were in need to find other house for our girls as the owner of the house we were renting planned to move in with his own family. We were thinking for different solutions and looking for the houses in neighborhood. So the good news is that when the contract was almost at the end the owner changed his mind and agreed to prolong the contract for 3 more years! It was a big relief for us as we don’t have to move our girls somewhere else and can live all together!
We want to thank our dear friends, Yamuna and Yogesh, who offered the help to pay the rent for the girls’ house this year again! Thank you very much for your continuous support since 2014 and care about us, God bless you

Siblings Rahul, Rajesh and Ranjitha

Meet Rahul, Rajesh and Ranjitha, who came to our family this June after their parents died in an accident when truck hit their motorcycle. They were traveling all together to buy new clothes for the celebration of Pongal festival last year… It was a great miracle that all three siblings were alive with only curable injuries. Government wanted to place them in 3 different children’s homes as there was no place for three of them together. After hearing their story and meeting them we decided to keep them in our home even though our abilities to take care of 3 extra children are not sufficient…
We would like to express our gratitude to Dan, our friend and volunteer, who after hearing the story of these siblings dedicated to find support for them: Dan and his friends collected donations to take care of 3 extra children for one year! Dear Dan, you and your friends make the world a much better place – because of you these 3 siblings are able to grow together feeling the family love again! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Welcome new children

Welcome our new children who joined WIDE family this year in June – Gayathri, Suriya, Vijay, two brothers Deva & Bose and three siblings Rahul, Rajesh & Ranjitha. 5 children were sent by the government, and three children were taken by our own decision. Welcome them all with love and encouraging thoughts to grow healthy and happy! You can find more detailed children’s profiles on our website:


Medical checkup

By following the norms of the government today we had medical checkup for our children. The first step was to take blood and urine samples. Not everyone was happy about the needles but with such a great support team nothing is scary! From now on once in every 3 month we will have regular doctor visits for health checkups.


Volunteer Daniel from UK!

Daniel is a professional teacher. He spent with us more than 2 weeks in June, 2016. He was so dedicated for children and did the best to make learning environment more fun and involving for children of different ages! He was doing evening geography classes, taking care of homework group, organizing learning games to practice team work; he also brought to our home first ever children’s home sports day which kids enjoyed so much! Thank you Dan, from the bottom of our hearts, you made a difference in the lives of our children! ❤

WIDE Sport’s Day 2016

This Saturday we had our very first Sport’s Day, which was initiated and organized by our friend and volunteer Dan from UK! The day was full of laugh, eagerness to win, team work, encouragement for the small ones and help for each other! Kids just loved the day and enjoyed every task! Thank you, Dan, for being such an inspiration – you bring joy and love to the hearts of our children We hope the Sport’s Day will become our every year tradition!

4 our beloved children left WIDE

We wish good luck for our beloved children who left our home this month – Parasu and his sister Sujatha, Villu and his sister Sivasakthi They were living in our home for more than 10 years. Parasu and Villu successfully finished their 10th standard and entered school for ITI (Indian Telephone Industries) in Chennai. Due to this reason their mothers decided to take sisters back as well. We wish them all the best and all together bless their further life journeys! Our hearts will be always with them!

This month we are waiting for new children to arrive in our home. Even though we really miss our children who just left the home we feel happy we can invite 4 new children in need to live with us.

New school bags!

Thank you very much to our friend Liv Stavås from Sweden and her friend Thomas who provided our children with new school bags this year! We are very grateful and happy with this gift! We promise to study hard and to bring back home only good marks in this beautiful and comfortable bags 🙂 Thank you!!!