Organic Farming

We were lucky enough to find the perfect plot in our new land to plant some seeds and start our own organic farm!  The children LOVE seeing their plants and herbs grow and they love eating them even more!

We would love to develop this and learn how to grow more fruit and vegetables so that the children can focus their attention on sustainable living.

If you have knowledge and skills in organic farming please get in touch – we would love your help!


Dreaming of the Perfect Playground!

We may not have a playground yet – but that doesn’t stop the children dreaming of what their new playground might look like!

You can see their paintings below! We are teaching them about visualising their dreams into reality. 

Click here to see how you can help make their dreams come true!

Busy (sewing) Bees!

Thanks to the ongoing support of Mica at the Infinite Earth Project the children are enjoying their new sewing project.

Recently the children have been sewing all kinds of textiles ranging from bags to fully fledged clothes!

This is a valuable life skills and whilst it not only brings them enjoyment and fun its something they can use later in life.

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