Dear Sponsors and Friends of WIDE, we are extremely excited to announce that the construction of our Retreat Centre & Guest House has commenced. A few volunteers from France with the organization “Indian Action” are here working with all of us on the project: they are helping us to build the 1st wall which will protect our land. Big thanks to “India Action”!

Also with the help of individual donations we were able to finally start the construction of the main house, which will be in the progress up to the end of November. Thank you, our dear Sponsors – Heike Yamuna Kiefer and Yogeshwar from Switzerland, Line Polifke and Lucus from Germany, Maria Bernhard from Switzerland, Kiwon and r.e. Teong Hengsuk from Korea!

Though construction has begun we have still long way to go: we are still in big need of funds to continue and to fully complete the project. No amount is too small to make a big difference for our project: all donations are welcomed and more so appreciated! If you would like to support us, read more about the project and donation information.

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