Meet Rahul, Rajesh and Ranjitha, who came to our family this June after their parents died in an accident when truck hit their motorcycle. They were traveling all together to buy new clothes for the celebration of Pongal festival last year… It was a great miracle that all three siblings were alive with only curable injuries. Government wanted to place them in 3 different children’s homes as there was no place for three of them together. After hearing their story and meeting them we decided to keep them in our home even though our abilities to take care of 3 extra children are not sufficient…
We would like to express our gratitude to Dan, our friend and volunteer, who after hearing the story of these siblings dedicated to find support for them: Dan and his friends collected donations to take care of 3 extra children for one year! Dear Dan, you and your friends make the world a much better place – because of you these 3 siblings are able to grow together feeling the family love again! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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